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Why Use Corporate Massage in Your Workplace?

Many companies are now using corporate massage programs to attract, retain and reward valuable employees. Studies have shown that corporate seated massage can boost productivity, recharging the mind and body.

Our seated massage is also perfect for trade shows, product launches, conferences in fact any kind of corporate event, and can be a novel and effective way to promote products and ideas.

Use The Massage Company Onsite Massage to improve the satisfaction of your employees and the effectiveness of your business.

corporate massage

The Benefits to your Company

  • A productivity boost brought about by increased energy levels, enhanced mental clarity and the motivational aspect of the employer providing a benefit to their staff;

  • Reduction in workplace stress;

  • Retention of valuable staff by rewarding them in a way that benefits both the employee and the employer;

  • Goodwill and improved attitude to the company is fostered. Offering staff the opportunity to partake in onsite massage programs demonstrates that management care about their employees’ wellbeing.

  • Reduced absenteeism – a recent study has shown that healthier employees tend to take fewer days off work;

  • Corporate Massage is an infectious morale booster, as the immediate effect on the recipient is a feeling of lightness, clarity and an emotional lifting of the spirit which can spread throughout the office;

  • Encourages staff to take a proactive role in their health and wellbeing by making them more conscious of their physical state.

  • Promote a more health conscious workforce.

Massage Treatments


The Massage Company provides a range of massage treatments for Corporate Clients ranging from roving therapists providing casual seated massage at events or trade shows, thru seated ‘at desk’ massage, seated massage using our specialized ergonomic chairs, full table massage and alternative treatments including aromatherapy.

Desk Massage

With a Desk Massage service, we don’t need to set up any massage equipment, so you don’t have to provide any extra space whatsoever.

Our skilled massage therapists will quietly move from person to person, so as not to disrupt the working environment. They will then treat each staff member with a pleasurable massage at their desk and in their own office chair. The therapist will provide a 15 minute treatment covering the recipient’s neck, back, arms and head.

Seated Massage

The recipient relaxes in our specially designed massage chair whilst the therapist works their neck, shoulders, back, arms, hands and head. The 15 minute sequence is the most popular, allowing the optimum amount of time for the recipient to relax and enjoy the benefits of massage. The technique is finished off with an invigorating tapotement technique which re-energises the recipient so that they are ready to head back to work relaxed, rejuvenated and focused. A small designated area would need to be provided to allow our therapist to set up the massage chair and to provide some space to operate. A few square metres is all that is required.

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